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Circle Coliving Project

This is a very special project for us. We strongly believe in the idea of introducing family-oriented coliving spaces in the urban fabric as a sustainable way of living for young parents. Per our studies, by means of the shared economy, sharing responsibilities and helping each other on a day-to-day basis, parents will be able to dramatically increase the quality of their lives. Being part of this community will be more affordable and fun overall.  

We are looking for developers, contractors, architects and anyone who will be interested in this type of project. We see a big future for this typology of living and are open-minded to new ideas. Please contact us if you think the same way and let's build it together.


This family-oriented co-living project will be located in the heart of the city allowing it’s tenants to have quick access to all the amenities and a lifestyle that the city can offer.  It represents a way of living with the focus on community living, relationships and sharing as their main values. Community support is specifically valuable for young families and provides many benefits for raising kids.

As studies show, young and middle age working professionals have strong main preferences when it comes to a place to live. First of all, they prefer to rent closer to their place of work rather than owning a place in the suburbs, where they usually can afford it. This allows them to save a lot of time and stress on the long commute and spend this extra time with friends and family. This also means they have quick access to city life such as restaurants, fitness and cinema centers, museum and events, etc. Integrated day care center for tenants will be a huge timesaver and stress relief for the families.

Often this means that one will have a smaller space or share it with roommates. This mindset is already a common condition in the community, and as a result coliving projects young professionals, singles or couples, are booming right now. But not much has been done for urban family-oriented coliving spaces yet…


Our  goal is to provide tenants with additional spaces with different features that are hard to find  in the current rental market. We endeavored to have spaces  like childcare, a shared bedroom for visitors, office space, ample shared  storage, workshop, large shared kitchen and living room. The important thing is  - in adding all these new functions to the community building, we wanted to make sure that tenants would not pay more than in current market. So, we developed an architectural solution.



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